A national awareness campaign focused on spreading a simple message.


We all have a role to play in reducing the violence that traumatizes our communities.

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What could your voice do?

Together Our Voices Can Make a Difference

At the heart of the My Voice. Our Community. campaign is a comprehensive, customizable toolkit with everything you need to partner with other community groups and incorporate this powerful message into your existing violence reduction efforts   

The Toolkit is designed for people like you who feel compelled to make their voices heard: 

  • community organizers 
  • public safety professionals 
  • nonprofit leaders 
  • business owners 
  • faith-based leaders 
  • local media personalities 
  • engaged youth 
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Empowering Community Engagement

The campaign empowers community leaders across the nation to:

Inspire Action 

by showing what others are doing to impact their community. 

Involve Community Members 

by providing them with support to contribute in personal and meaningful ways. 

Strengthen Community Connections 

by encouraging collaborative partnerships to increase safety and decrease violence. 

The Knoxville, Tennessee Experience

In the spring of 2023, community partners in Knoxville, TN launched the first local My Voice. Our Community. campaign in an effort to raise awareness about the ways community members could get involved in reducing the violence around them. Spearheaded by the Mayor’s office, they used My Voice. Our Community. as a messaging tool that unifies the city’s existing violence reduction programs and spreads awareness that everyone has a voice, every voice matters, and together our voices can make a difference.

Select the videos to see the Knoxville campaign in action and to view their personalized public service announcements.

Ready to get started?

Step 1:

Nurture Community Partnerships 

Gather the trusted voices in your community with the resources to help expand the reach of your campaign. 

Step 2:

Customize Your Own Campaign 

Use the Community Toolkit including the Campaign Guide to help you make the most of shareable stories and templates for apparel, flyers, posters, and social media content. 

Step 3:

Make Your Voices Heard

Leverage the relationships and partnerships that are strengthened during your campaign to keep community members engaged in public safety.