Another Violent Crime
Will Be Committed

Based on 2021 FBI NIBRS Estimates

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Our Voices Can
Make A Difference

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My Voice. Our Community. empowers community leaders across the nation to raise awareness about the roles we share in reducing the violence around us, by providing customizable tools to help them:

Connect with Community Members

who aren’t engaged in the conversation, and provide them with a clear path toward taking positive action.

Strengthen Community Relationships

get people talking about how they can work together to increase safety and decrease violence.

Inspire Community Members to Take Action

through collaboration, conversation and outreach, and by showing them what is possible through the impact others are having on their community.


The Power of a Unified Message

In the spring of 2023, community partners in Knoxville, TN launched the first local My Voice. Our Community. campaign in an effort to raise awareness about the ways community members could get involved in reducing the violence around them. Spearheaded by the Mayor’s office, they used My Voice. Our Community. resources to create a unifying message that ties the city’s various violence reduction programs together and spreads awareness that everyone has a voice, every voice matters, and together our voices can make a difference.

Step 1:

Build Your Campaign

Every community faces unique challenges that required unique solutions. From strategic planning guides to t-shirt templates, the Community Toolkit has the customizable resources needed to create a campaign that works best for your community.

Step 2:

Makes Your Voices Heard

Trust is the foundation of effective outreach. Community leaders, teachers, business owners, advocates, and elders are just a few of the trusted voices that can help you raise awareness about roles we all share in reducing the violence around us.

Step 3:

Nurture Community Partnerships

Community engagement doesn’t end when your campaign stops. Leverage the new relationships and partnerships you developed during your campaign to create new ways to new ways engage community members and keep the ball rolling.

Ready to get started?

Download the Community Toolkit

If you’re ready to make your voice heard, we’re here to help. The Community Toolkit provides a central message, clear branding, and customizable content you can use to make an impact in your community.

For inspiration and guidance on how to make your campaign a success, make sure to check out the Community Campaign Guide.